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Create Change Through Each Project


Our Work

These are a small sample of the projects and services that we have performed. We have focused on the creation of solid waste efficiency plans, collection and recycling plans, sustainability and renewable energy technologies and ESG initiatives (Environmental, Social and Governance Initiatives) but also provide a wide array of other services.


Coastal Caribbean Region Nicaragua

New Sunrise, Inc

Worked with Client and the natural and elected community leaders in the Coastal Caribbean Region of Nicaragua to understand the key cultural factors to be included in the design of the operational plan.  Created sustainable timber operation for the indigenous communities of the Coastal Caribbean region of Nicaragua.

Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Confidential Client

Initially conducted a review of alternative technologies to create energy from municipal solid waste.  Once Client selected preferred technology then we executed a boots on the ground feasibility study that fed the creation of Financial and Operational business plans.

Garbage Factory

Central Equatoria State  South Sudan

State Governor - CES

Performed a feasibility study to examine the solid waste and recycling collection, transportation and disposal/processing issues for this state in South Sudan.  Identified locations and systems to utilize.  Created financial and operational plans.  Presented on behalf of the Client to the World Bank requesting financial assistance to the State for implementation.

Nairobi, Kenya

Executive Director - KANU

Several projects including the creation of a comprehensive solid waste management plan and a remediation plan for an unregulated and contaminated quarry being used as a disposal site.

Washing Dishes
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